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Vehicle Access Control

The process of controlling the flow of vehicles in and out of an area can be achieved by applying a variety of methods. The method you choose depends on the volume of traffic and how secure the area needs to be and how well designed the area is.

  • Vehicle Access Control
  • Road Blockers
  • Automatic Rising Bollards
  • Vehicle Gates
  • Tire Killer
  • Under Vehicle Inspection System
  • Driver Image Capture Camera
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition System

Pedestrian Access Control

A pedestrian access control management system is necessary to ensure proper analysis of the different zones, access groups, key schedules, access levels per user, and the estimated volume of pedestrian traffic. Turnstile Access Control Systems are widely used by airports, ports, harbors, subway stations, bus stations, amusement parks, and other facilities concerned with safety.

  • Swing Gate Turnstiles
  • Speed Gate Turnstiles
  • Full Height Turnstiles

Ticketing & ID Solutions

Our objective is to combine the best Ticketing & ID Solutions technology with our expertise and flexibility to ensure that we deliver systems that are uniquely tailored to fit a customer’s operating environment.

  • UVS and LPR System
  • Face Recognition System
  • Car Parking Management System


Concrete obstruction barriers and Reinforced Street Planter are designed for streets, squares, and temporary installations that need both security and stunning visual impact. We are a leading supplier of Concrete obstruction barriers and Reinforced Street Planters. As a result, we can offer flexible and configurable obstruction barriers and reinforced street planters through a comprehensive value chain. Our team works closely with our customers to identify their specific requirements.

  • Concrete Barrier
  • Reinforced Street Planter

Shooting Ranges Works

The Extension National Company provides state-of-the-art shooting range and live-fire system installation services. Combining our expertise in shooting range design with our innovative shooting range equipment and accessories, we are able to meet the growing demands for today’s shooting range industry.

  • Portable Bullet Trap
  • Shooting Stalls
  • Safety Baffles
  • Sound Abatement
  •  Auto Target