Light Pole

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Street Light Poles

Extension National has 13 years’ experience supplying aluminum lights and aluminium conical poles. If you look down any street, you will discover that the lights not only provide guidance in the dark and serve residents and travelers. They

also help maintain the perfect level of illumination and help decorate the road. All of these are vital aspects of modern and smart city planning.

Garden light pole

Aluminium garden light poles can serve a variety of purposes at once, such as enhancing safety and beautifying the surroundings. They can also extend the useability of public areas such as parks or town squares, illuminating a parking area, or warming a home. Our company is recognized as one of the leading aluminium alloy light pole suppliers and installers of a wide range of Gate & Garden Lights. Whether you are looking to illuminate your driveway, pathways or garden, there is a wide range of outdoor garden light poles to choose from.

Traffic light pole

Over the past 13 years, Extension National has emerged as one of the most popular traffic light pole suppliers in the industry, providing customers with custom-built traffic signal poles tailored to the unique needs of their construction projects. Managing and directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic is a challenge that changes continuously. Therefore traffic structures are necessary – they work continuously to maintain order in the transportation system. The traffic light poles used on streets, in parks, on walkways and in many other locations.